Nurse Silent Hill Deluxe Mask

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Nurse Silent Hill collectable mask If you are a horror fan, then there’s no doubt you have experienced the psychological horror from the Silent Hill franchise based off the 1999 survival horror video game Silent Hill.

Throughout the many comics books, video game and blockbuster movie adaptations comes a lot of iconic characters and one of the most iconic from the series is the dark nurses.

The Dark Nurses are just like normal nurses except covered in way more blood, have a deformed face that lacks any discernible features and is actively trying to kill you.

This deluxe Silent Hill nurse mask is terrifyingly realistic and was hand sculpted by Russ Luckich from the wizards of horror, trick or treat studios.

This mask is a must-see in person and will amaze you with a high level of detail and care.

Perfect for cosplay or to be put on display.

Costume includes premium latex mask