Creepshow - Nate Deluxe Mask

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From the mask making wizards at Trick or Treat Studios in conjunction with the twisted mind of Stephen King this high-quality latex mask is better to see in person. – Pictures do not do it justice.

Based off Nate from the cult horror tv show Creep Show, this mask is a spectacular expose of what attention to detail and the skill of the head sculptor at Trick or Treat studios, Justin Mabry can do.

Justin based his sculpting off multiple screenshots and the techniques used by the real make up artists from the series such as using Rice Krispies to create and model the maggots from Nates rotting, burned corpse.

This collectable mask is sure to impress and will look amazing on your wall or will be guaranteed to creep out and scare everyone at your next Halloween themed party.

Costume Mask: Full Detailed Latex Mask.