The Flash Boys Costume - Justice League

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The Flash Become the fastest man alive in this DC licensed Justice League child’s costume. You are Barry Allen a goofy forensic investigator who developed extraordinary powers after being struck by lightning as a result of an explosion at S.T.A.R labs. Those powers include running at incredible speed (2,532 mph to be exact) phase through walls, reverse time and even beat Superman in a race. Barry Allen has a lot of tough enemies including Gorilla Grod, Reverse Flash, and Godspeed but Barry’s next challenge will be his toughest yet when he teams up with the Justice League to battle against the powerful Darkseid. This costume includes a padded jumpsuit and a hard helmet in the style of the 2017 Justice League movie.

Costume Includes: Deep Red Padded Jumpsuit With Flash Bolt On Front, Hard Red Plastic Mask.

Costume Size(s): Age 3-5 (Height 95-120 cm's), Age 6-8 (Height 115-135 cm's)