Master Chief Halo Infinite Boys Costume

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Become the mighty Master Chief - Spartan 117 with this officially licensed Halo Master Chief costume from Rubies Costumes.

Master chief is a Spartan 2 super solider and is the main character of the Halo series.

Master chief is the most decorated war veteran earth has ever had and possesses all medals on offer except the prisoner of war medal and has saved the earth and the galaxy multiple times throughout his very long career.

Halo infinite brings a new challenge where he must take on the covenant break off group known as the banished.

This costume includes a full-length cameo green jumpsuit in the style of Spartan marine's armour and features a hard plastic deluxe half mask.

Costume Includes: Screenprinted Armour Jumpsuit And Half Hard Plastic Helmet Mask.

Costume Size(s): Small (Age 4-6) Medium (Age 7-8) Large (Age 10-12) XLarge (Age 14-16)