Jumbo Afro Costume Wig

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John Travolta would have rocked this jumbo afro adult costume wig in 'Saturday Night Fever.' Boogying down' to sound of retro music, with flashing lights on the dance floor. This was an era when Afros were the norm, and dancing was second nature. Our jumbo adult black male Afro wig bring back good memories of the 'Good old days' when J. J. on good times was 'Dynomite.' Wearing this wig, with the right clothing, sets the atmosphere to a time in history that is long gone, but not forgotten. Wear it to a Halloween party, or a 70's class reunion.

Care Instructions:This is a synthetic wig, you can use cold or warm water and mild detergent or shampoo. Swirl your wig around in the water but do not rub the fibres. Rinse your wig under cool running water, shake off excess water and spread out on towel to dry. Gentle combing and light hair spray can be used to style wig. NO Curling Irons or Straightners.

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