Hulk Childs Costume

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HULK ‘HULK SMASH!’ Bruce Banner aka The Hulk is a green-skinned, muscular human possessing an incredible degree of physical strength which is completely different to his alter ego Dr. Robert Bruce Banner, a physically weak, socially withdrawn, and emotionally reserved physicist. The two exist as independent dissociative personalities, and resent each other. Bruce Banners develops his Hulk Powers by being exposed to Gamma Rays during an experiment and realises that being strong is great but not being able to control when and where he transforms is his ultimate afflication. Bruce quickly realises his involuntary transformation is triggered by Anger so do not get him angry... you won’t like him when he is angry. Watch your child Become the Strongest Avenger in this Marvel licensed costume by Rubies Costumes.

Costume Includes: Padded Jumpsuit and Hard Plastic Mask.

Costume Size(s): Age (3-5) Age (6-8)