Fun House Freak Clown Costume

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Welcome to the funhouse! …Or not so fun house when you realise what resides in there, a psychopathic killer clown who is looking for someone like you to have their own ‘fun” with.

This Funhouse Freak costume from California Costumes is pure nightmare fuel and is perfect for your next Halloween or Halloween themed event.


This unique costume features a black and green baggy jumpsuit with checkered and spiral accent patterns, three yellow pom poms, large black with yellow ruffle collar and a sinister hard plastic clown mask with attached hair.


Costume Includes: Psychedlic Green And Black Jumpsuit, Collar And Scary Clown Mask With Green Hair.

Mask Is Made From A Hard Plastic And Is A Half Mask.

Costume Size(s): Medium (40-42) Large (42-44) XLarge (44-46)