Demogorgon Deluxe Adult Costume

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The Demogorgon  The Demogorgon aka “The Monster” is the main antagonist in the Netflix series Stranger Things and first appears in 1983 in Hawkins Indiana. The Demogorgon was created in a parallel dimension knows as the Upside Down which is guarded by the US government in a secret experimental base. When eleven is captured and forced to use her psychic powers to travel to the Upside-down and meet face to face with the creature, The Demogorgon breaks through the interdimensional gate between worlds and runs rampant in our dimension. Only with the power of Friendship and of course Eggos can Eleven, Mike, Dustin, Lucas, and Will save the world. Become the mighty Demogorgon in this Rubies’ Stranger Things licensed costume.

Costume Includes: screen-printed Jumpsuit, Hand covers, Boot covers and Mask.