Bride Of Chucky Tiffany Costume

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Bride of Chucky, Tiffany Costume. When you think of power couples you probably think of Jay Z and Beyonce or Superman and Lois lane but there’s one power couple most people forget about and that is Chucky and his Killer Doll Bride Tiffany. Tiffany first appeared in 1998 in the fourth instalment of the Child’s Play franchise, The Black Slasher Comedy ‘Bride of Chucky.’ Set one month after the events of Childs Play 3, Tiffany an ex-lover of Chucky bribes a police officer into giving her the dismembered children's doll parts from an evidence lock up and breaks into a police precinct to steal the locked away pieces of the Chucky Doll. After recovering the pieces of chucky she stitches him back together to bring back everyone’s favourite killer doll. After a misunderstanding, Chucky kills Tiffany and transports her soul into another dolls body and that’s where the fun really starts to begin.

This Smiffy’s Bride of Chucky licensed includes a jacket, dress, and choker.

Costume Size: Medium Only (US 10-12)