Animal Costumes

Animal masks, tails and onesies. Easter Bunnies, Ninja Turtles and inflatable novelty animals are just a few choices you can make from our extended range of animal costumes and accessories. Furry animal costumes are useful for Book Week and especially when it’s cold for Trick or Treating at Halloween. You’ll be happy knowing your baby, toddler or child is snug and warm. Role playing and dressing up is so much FUN.

  • Tiger Costume

    Tiger Costume

    Hear The Roar With This Orange Striped Tiger Animal Costume Perfect For Book Week Or An African Safari Fancy Dress Party. Costume Includes: Tiger Onesie Costume With Attached Tiger Hood. Costume Size(s): Small (Age 4-6) Medium (Age 7-9) And Large (Age...

  • Dragon Childs Costume

    Dragon Childs Costume

    Dragons are Mystical creatures that breath fire. They are supposedly winged, four legged, have a powerful tail, scales like a serpent, large jaws with rows of huge teeth and horns on their heads. Many fantasy stories depict Dragons as fierce and...

  • Tyrannosaurus Rex Child Costume

    Tyrannosaurus Rex Child Costume

    Jurassic World the 4th installment of the dinosaur action thriller movie by Steven Spielberg. Costume Includes: Digital Screen Printed Jumpsuit and Stuffable T-Rex Tail, Character T-Rex Dinosaur Mask. Costume Size(s): Small (Age 3-4) Medium (Age 5-7)...

  • T-Rex Inflatable Dinosaur Costume

    T-Rex Inflatable Dinosaur Costume

    INCLUDES Plastic inflatable full body jumpsuit with zipper at rear and clear vinyl port in character neck to see through Jumpsuit features elastic at wrists and ankles to ensure air-tight sealing, plus gloves with faux claws Battery pack requires...

  • Shark Childs Onesie Costume

    Shark Childs Onesie Costume

    If you're looking for an iconic Australian costume then this Great White Pointer is for you. It is available in Child size, medium and large. It comes as an all in one jumpsuit with a long zip at the front. It is easy and comfortable to wear and made...

  • Gorilla Costume

    Gorilla Costume

    This great animal costume comes complete with a full body jumpsuit with chestplate, a mask, hands, and foot covers with faux fur. Don't be surprised if you find everyone eager to hand out a bunch of bananas to you. Wear this to a masquerade party, fancy...

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  • Easter Bunny Deluxe Costume

    Easter Bunny Deluxe Costume

    This fabulous Deluxe Easter Bunny has a hard plastic head, covered in white fur with large fine mesh eyes, a hard snout with a pink nose, red tongue and two front teeth. The pink and white fur ears are attached by firmly twisting into place or you may...

  • Crocodile Deluxe Child Costume

    Crocodile Deluxe Child Costume

    Never smile at a crocodile from the great Peter Pan movie starring Captain Hook, Peter pan and the Crocodile. Costume Includes: One Piece Crocodile Jumpsuit with Attached Head. Costume Size(s): Small (Age 4-6) Medium (Age 7-9) Large (Age 10-12)