A Nightmare on Elm Street - Freddy Deluxe Mask & Hat

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The Nightmare is back on Elm street but also at Doyle's Costumes and Costumes To Buy with this brand new latex mask. Crafted by the masters of realism, trick or treat studios, and sculpted by Russ Lukich in association with Warner Bros. present this officially licensed A Nightmare on Elm Street Deluxe Freddy Mask with Fedora Hat. Using hundreds of cinematic scene stills and behind the scenes photograph to create the most screen accurate Freddy Krueger Mask from Wes Craven's original classic, A Nightmare on Elm Street. This mask features an impressive amount of detail and would make a stunning replica for display or to elevate a Halloween costume/cosplay for you next event or convention. 

This mask is a must see in person.