80's Rock Mullet Blond Wig


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    The 80s was a time of decadence, and this was no more apparent than the music. Hair metal was a time where men in bands would sometimes wear more make up than their girlfriends while wearing their clothes to boot. It is a bygone era that is still celebrated or mocked in modern times. No matter where one might stand, it is undeniable that Vince Neil from Motley Crue or Brett Michaels from Poison would both make for a fun Halloween costume. Having this 80s rock mullet blond wig will help anyone bring out their inner hair metal superstar.

    In the 80s there was only one way to rock - with hair. For the discerning throw back looking to re-up his rock legend credibility, or the clean-cut ax man hoping to get the band back together, the 80s rock mullet wig in blonde is an epic choice. Just be sure to have the leather and spandex ready for the show.

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