Rocket Raccoon Boys Costume

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Rocket Racoon Everyone’s favourite anthropomorphic bionic furball is back! Rocket Racoon (don’t call him a racoon or face his wrath) is a founding member of the Guardians of the Galaxy alongside his bestie Groot, his rival star lord and Gamora and is voiced by Bradley Cooper. Rocket Racoon despite his looks isn’t a racoon and is instead a genetically modified creature designed to help patients on an insane asylum planet. He is a highly intelligent expert marksman and weapon technician who often acts before he thinks which often results in trouble. This Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 licensed costume features a Padded Jumpsuit with Faux fur, tail, shoe covers and hard plastic mask.

Costume Includes: Blue Raccoon Jumpsuit With Fur Arms And Padded Chest, Hard Plastic Half Mask.

Costume Size(s): Small, Medium And Large