Economy Santa Wig & Beard

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An individual giving a Christmas party can minimize holiday expense while maximizing the holiday fun when she uses an economy Santa beard and wig set from /economy-santa-beard-and-wig-set/. Using these fun articles as props in a Christmas celebration to dress up Santa will be sure to please all participants and bring happy smiles and laughter to all in attendance, whether the party is for youngsters or adults. Individuals are sure to capture the spirit of the holiday season when they dress up Santa in official-looking Santa gear at low prices for holiday party offerings and costumes which can easily be ordered. He's making a list, he's checking it twice, he's preparing for Christmas so beware little girls and little boys and make sure you are not naughty, but nice! This economy Santa beard and wig set will warm the hearts of children and adults with seasonal joy and laughter. The beard and wig set will complete anyone's Santa costume, even the lady who wants to wear one ironically to her office Christmas party!

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